The House

The exact address of the Casa dei Turchi is Via Santa Maria 1/5 (see map), in the historic district of St. Thomas, which is currently being upgraded and developed by the local government. An office district is being created by the town council.
The Casa dei Turchi is a graceful, slightly curved building, which consists of two juxtaposed structures that create a continuous facade overhanging the left bank of the River Leno and overlooking the Castle and Ponte Forbato. On the other side the facade runs along Via Santa Maria, the ancient imperial road to Verona.
The apartments have views on both sides and enjoy the sun from the windows on the street side. On the ground floor is an office and a café with verandas on the Leno and entrances onto the street. Below the ground floor, two basement floors create the café space, with windows in the retaining wall, which protrudes above the bed of the river.

La Casa dei Turchi is located in the historic center of Rovereto, just a few steps from the Castle and the Town Hall and minutes from places of cultural interest, such as Casa Depero, the MART museum of modern art, and Palazzo Betta-Grillo. It overlooks the river Leno and is near large green areas. All points of interest and amenities are within walking distance.