The Restoration Project

The conservative and sensitive restoration (it is a protected building) has rendered this unique building functional again after years of abandonment and disrepair. 

In a wider context, this intervention aimed to revitalize the old Santa Maria district (formerly known as San Tomaso), a neighbourhood that played an important role in the history of the city and remains one of the most scenic parts of Rovereto to this day. For this reason, a significant consideration for this project was that any restoration should be congruent with the surrounding built environment. 

From a social, cultural and housing point of view the building is rich and interesting. It has a sleek and curved structure which, on the river-facing side, has a system of intricate wooden verandas that render the building unique in the architectural landscape of the district and city. This distinctive feature of the house was greatly enhanced in the restoration project and it is now a recognizable and identifiable element. 

Most of the apartments have finely crafted and ornate wooden verandas that open onto the castle and the river and the resulting play of light and shadow within the rooms creates a very special atmosphere. The project involved the construction of residential apartments and on the ground floor two retail units (a café and an office). The apartments, finished to a high standard and with advanced technological solutions, have been organised in such a way as to have the double facing aspect of South-North. The south faces onto via Santa Maria, from where the building is accessed; the other side enjoys a particularly charming view of the Castle and river.

Wooden Verandas