Territory and Culture

The ‘Casa dei Turchi’ is located in Rovereto, Trentino’s second largest city, and close to alpine mountains of incomparable charm such as the Dolomites and the Marmolada. Lake Garda is nearby and the beautiful city of Verona can be reached in less than one hour by car. It is a two hour drive to Venice and Milan.

Rovereto is at the centre of the Vallagarina region, a place rich in cultural and artistic activities and with many leisure opportunities such as sport, nature, castles, vineyards and their cellars (Longariva, Balter, Simoncelli, De Tarczal, Spagnolli, Vallarom, Gonzaga, Bossi Fedrigotti, Letrari, Grigoletti, Rosi, Maso Bastie, Maso Salengo, Isera, Nomi, ecc.) and restaurants (Alla Roza, Maso Sasso, Terrazza sul Leno, ‘900, Flora, San Colombano, La Quercia, Tre Chiavi, Santa Maria, Pettirosso, etc.). 

Among the city of Rovereto’s cultural gems are the MART-Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento, Casa Depero, the Museum of War, the Civic Museum and the Campana dei Caduti. 

Of international importance are: the Mozart Festival; OrienteOccidente, Festival of Dance; Festival of Archeological Cinema; exhibitions dedicated to innovation and the contemporary.

At Trento, 20 mins away by car, is the Church of Santa Maria where the Council of Trento sat (1545-1563). The Piazza Duomo in the centre of Trento is among the most beautiful in Italy. Take time to wander past the the frescoed buildings from the 16th cent along via Belenzani, the Castle of Buonconsiglio and the Tower of Port’Aquila with its ‘Ciclo dei Mesi’ paintings - a rare example of Gothic Art. There is the Science Museum of Renzo Piano, The University of Trento, the Festival of Economics, the Trento Film Festival, the Festival of Mountain Cinema, many castles and many more wine cellars (such as Pojer e Sandri, Foradori, Ferrari, Cavit, Barone de Cles, Pravis, etc.) and restaurants (such as Maso Cantanghel, Orso Grigio, Boivin, etc).

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